New Games, Old School Vibes

As an old guy it still really does blow my mind at how we live in a day and game where we can get pretty much a full console experience right in the palm of our hands on a mobile device. What is even moreinteresting than that to me though is the way that developers who do not have the multi million dollar budgets to make these types of games for mobile devices are looking to the past for their inspiration.

PlayZap is a site that is chock full of new games that have an old school vibe. For me personally I think this is fantastic. You see while the advances in mobile technology are amazing, there are still some limitations, but by looking to the past these developers are giving a whole new generation an updated chance to check out some games that are based on classics. I want to share with you guys just three games that are on the site that are a great example of what I am talking about.


The first game we are going to look at is an arcade game called Brickout. What I love about this is that Brickout is clearly based on the game Arkanoid which was made by Taito and released in the arcade and then ported to pretty much every console and computer under the sun. But Arkanoid was in fact an enhanced version of Atari’s classic Breakout.

Anyway this is a game that is a great example of taking a basic game and keeping things simple. Yet making things look nice and shiny. The core game play kind of remains intact so anyone who has played Arkanoid and Breakout will find this a great amount of fun. But for a younger gamer I am sure that this is still a great game play experience.

Galactians 2

Anyone who knows anything about video games I am sure has heard of Galaxian and this game is a great tribute to that. I also think this is a great example of a developer who wants to make a shooter, but who may not have the means to make it resemble a full on console looking to the past for some inspiration.

Galactians 2 has that great top down shooter action that gamers have loved for years. And while we have some shooters that really are amazing in terms of there presentation.This kind of classic game play will always have a place in gamers hearts.

Browser Quest

I hate to use this term, but the original Legend of Zelda really was a game changer. The top down style action RPG was amazing. And it continued for many years actually. Yet when games went 3D the top down RPG really kind of fell to the side. Now limitations of mobile browser games actually have made developers who want to make a fantastic RPG look once again to the past.

You see it would be incredibly hard to make a full on 3D RPG game in the style of say Final Fantasy. But there are a multitude of great top down action RPG’s that have taken full advantage of the limitations that making a game for a browser brings. I know that sounds crazy that you are taking advantage of limitations, but it is true. Browser Quest is a great throw back to the days of the top down role playing games.