New Games, Old School Vibes

As an old guy it still really does blow my mind at how we live in a day and game where we can get pretty much a full console experience right in the palm of our hands on a mobile device. What is even moreinteresting than that to me though is the way that developers who do not have the multi million dollar budgets to make these types of games for mobile devices are looking to the past for their inspiration.

PlayZap is a site that is chock full of new games that have an old school vibe. For me personally I think this is fantastic. You see while the advances in mobile technology are amazing, there are still some limitations, but by looking to the past these developers are giving a whole new generation an updated chance to check out some games that are based on classics. I want to share with you guys just three games that are on the site that are a great example of what I am talking about.


The first game we are going to look at is an arcade game called Brickout. What I love about this is that Brickout is clearly based on the game Arkanoid which was made by Taito and released in the arcade and then ported to pretty much every console and computer under the sun. But Arkanoid was in fact an enhanced version of Atari’s classic Breakout.

Anyway this is a game that is a great example of taking a basic game and keeping things simple. Yet making things look nice and shiny. The core game play kind of remains intact so anyone who has played Arkanoid and Breakout will find this a great amount of fun. But for a younger gamer I am sure that this is still a great game play experience.

Galactians 2

Anyone who knows anything about video games I am sure has heard of Galaxian and this game is a great tribute to that. I also think this is a great example of a developer who wants to make a shooter, but who may not have the means to make it resemble a full on console looking to the past for some inspiration.

Galactians 2 has that great top down shooter action that gamers have loved for years. And while we have some shooters that really are amazing in terms of there presentation.This kind of classic game play will always have a place in gamers hearts.

Browser Quest

I hate to use this term, but the original Legend of Zelda really was a game changer. The top down style action RPG was amazing. And it continued for many years actually. Yet when games went 3D the top down RPG really kind of fell to the side. Now limitations of mobile browser games actually have made developers who want to make a fantastic RPG look once again to the past.

You see it would be incredibly hard to make a full on 3D RPG game in the style of say Final Fantasy. But there are a multitude of great top down action RPG’s that have taken full advantage of the limitations that making a game for a browser brings. I know that sounds crazy that you are taking advantage of limitations, but it is true. Browser Quest is a great throw back to the days of the top down role playing games.

Free Mobile Games For Ultimate Fun

Games are the most preferred means of having enjoyment. Due to busy schedule, most of the people have shortage of time to enjoy, in order to bring fun into their lives, mobile games are being introduced. These games play a pivotal part in providing relaxation to mind. That is why they have always attracted people from all the age group. These games provide variety of choices to the players. Right from the beginning, it has managed to hold a different kind of attraction for the mobile users. It is an amazing blend of entertainment as well as skills to develop one’s brain. As they can be played anytime anywhere in the mobile, user does not have to find extra time to enjoy these games.

Looking at its popularity, now the service providers have started offering this application for free of cost. There are many websites which provide these games, anyone can download Free mobile games. Free mobile games are the latest attraction for most of the mobile users. This is because they hold lots of advantages for its potential users, such as, Excitement is full guaranteed as free games are the source of thrill for everyone who loves games. There are variety of amazing games available on the Internet. Even if you are not liking the game much, you are always open to go for another one. It is a great option to test one’s skill and intelligence.

Free mobile games are good source of chasing boredom. Most of the people prefer TV as the best mode of passing time and chasing boredom. But these games not only help us in this context, but also contribute to our activeness. As playing these games keep us active instead of just sitting idly in front of the TV set.

There are wide variety of games available for the gamers. Choice lies totally with the players. Starting from car racing, chess, scrabble, arcades, board games to puzzles, every type of game is available to fulfill your requirement.

Apart from all these, one more feature of online games is the easy accessibility of these games. Anyone can easily play and download these games from the respective gaming websites.

Among other mobile phone games, flash games really fascinate players as every step is highlighted with lighting, special sound effects and exclusive shots. This makes the process quite lively. By downloading mobile games, one can enjoy the flash games on their devices. It entertains people and help interaction among friends easy. Through its option of multi player games, friends staying sitting at a distant place can enjoy at the same time.

Playing free cell phone games bring the feeling of happiness to the gamers who now want to spend their free time playing exciting games on the Internet. Moreover, the gamers are not burdened with the expenses as they do not have to play anything for playing online games. So, have fun at your own convenience as ultimate entertainment is assured with this exciting application.

Online Electronic Shop – Latest Home Theatre Systems Online In India

When selecting a home theatre systems there are so much alternative when it comes to features, quality, brand, sound, look, price, warranty and many more that there is something for everyone. Today many branded home theatre systems are very popular in India like philips, mitashi, logitech and many more and today almost every person purchasing home theatre systems. Have a look below some home theatre systems details available:

(1). Philips 2.1 Multi Media Speaker – 50W RMS – MMS430


50W RMS, Digital dynamic bass boost
Wooden Sub woofer, Powerful Bass & Sound
Connectivity with:

Radio, Tape Recorder, Walkman/Discman
Desktop & Laptop, Television
MP3 Player, VCD & DVD Player
Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty
Philips in India: 76 Years of Commitment to India (1930 – 2006)
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. or their respective owners. All Rights reserved.

(2). Mitashi DVD MPEG4 Player with USB


Compatible with MPEG4/DVD/ VCD/ CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 /JPEG
With USB port, Newest Prologic II technology
108MHZ/12BIT video DA, 5.1 channel surround sound, Component video
Selectable Screen aspect ratio (4:3 and 16:9)
S-video outputs, Multi-angle, Zoom and slow
Fully Functional Remote Control
Universal power supply :AC 110V-240V, 50/60 Hz, 15W
(3). Logitech Z 5500 5.1 THX Speaker


500W RMS THX certified, integrated hardware decoding for true 5.1 digital sounds.
Dolby Pro Logic II creates realistic 5.1 surround sound from stereo music, movies and games.
Simultaneously connect six audio sources including PCs, video game consoles, DVD, CD and portable music players.
Removable cloth grilles of satellite speakers for pro-audio look, Satellite speaker stands rotate for easy wall mounting, Wireless remote control
(4). Altec Lansing 5.1 Speaker System Model No: VS3251


Powerful Bass: Feel the shakes and quakes from the front-firing, long-throw subwoofer housed in a ported, wooden cabinet
Full-featured Wireless Remote: Sit back and enjoy the experience! Includes controls for stand-by, volume levels, stereo/surround modes and toggle switch for your MP3 Player and PC
Dual-Mode System: Each listening mode is specially engineered to provide outstanding performance
Gamers and Movie Enthusiasts: Use the Surround Mode with your PC’s 6-Channel Sound Card or even your Gaming Console or DVD Player to thrill your senses with the vivid, panoramic experience of surround sound
Music Lovers: Switch to the Stereo Mode to experience what great stereo sound is all about